KIRIOS is a Wardrobe Guide of Barber-Hood. We create Unique Outfits and Innovative Apparel for Barber Professionals

“KIRIOS” in greek denotes the word “Sir”, a respected independent man. KIRIOS takes control of his own style. He wears his clothes - he doesn’t let the clothes wear him, nor does he allow anyone to dictate what an authentic man looks like.

KIRIOS has a zest for Creativity and uniqueness! He is inspired by artist’s lunacy and shares an affinity with the Barber Culture.

Barbers are simultaneously artists and craftsmen, composers of beardy melodies, inventors of masculine appearance.

KIRIOS is a Barber Lover, as Prometheus was a lover of humanity. And as Prometheus presented men with fire, KIRIOS presents Barber Professionals with artisan tools and accessories, unique in design, classy in appearance and quality.

KIRIOS is a Priest of the Holy Tradition of Old-school Barbering Ethos. He champions the ideal of traditional barbering, when barbershops were the focal point of a real community.
In the old-school Barbering Ethos, barbers were the focal point of a real community.

Men would go to the barbershop to chat with other patrons about sports, women and everyday life, play board games and have a glass of bourbon. It was a place were men didn’t stare into phone screens, but instead formed authentic relationships. This is what we call “The Barber Culture”.

The Barber Lovers is a movement of men, empowered by the values of barbering, that weave the best of the modern man, with the best of the old-school community. Barber Lovers are confident breadwinners, who have earned their right to reward themselves with a classy eccentricity, whether it’s a tattoo, a pompadour, a ring, or a vintage jacket.

KIRIOS is profoundly influenced by this movement of authentic men, he shares the same values and he infuses them in a limited anthology of unique clothes and accessories.
Anyone can feel safe in a mainstream conventional appearance.

But a man confident in his eccentricity.... there’s your diamond in the rough.

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